Food & agriculture

1 April 2016

Europe's current model of farming and food consumption is destroying the environment and threatening human health. Most of the food that we eat is mass-produced and highly chemically treated on factory farms, where irresponsible and profit-driven practices prevail. Furthermore, industrial agriculture damages water supplies, wildlife and rural communities, and is a major driver of climate change. It is not a fair or sustainable system for us, for farmers, for the environment or for the future.

We bring together young activists from the YFoEE network to exchange and work together on a range of issues and events related to the topics of food and agriculture. Our work includes the development of campaigns and resources for further education and awareness raising both on a local and European level. We want to be a part of changing our Food System for the better!

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FAWG Vienna from Ellard Vasen on Vimeo.

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