13 May 2014

A community solar energy project in Sisante in Spain opened this month, in a positive step away from fossil fuels and towards community empowerment. The Huerta Solar Amigos de la Tierra facility is a joint venture between Friends of the Earth Spain and Ecooo. It allows local people to buy into the project and become co-owners of clean energy production.

10 May 2014

Over 12,000 people gathered in Berlin today to drive home the need for community-run, renewable power. The demonstration, organised by BUND/Friends of the Earth Germany, comes as the German government discuss the country’s energy future, and in response to the government’s plans to cap the expansion of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

26 March 2014

As US President Obama makes his first visit to Brussels and the EU institutions today, Friends of the Earth is demanding that environmental and health protection is put top of the agenda on both continents.

Obama will meet European Commission President Barroso to discuss the ongoing EU-US trade negotiations, energy issues and climate concerns, amongst other things.

22 March 2014

The energy revolution is in danger in Germany. Protests took place across the country this weekend, in response to the government’s plans to cap the expansion of renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Around 30,000 people took to the streets of seven major German cities to express their concern and upset regarding this proposed move away from expanding renewable energy.

21 March 2014

The European Union's 28 heads of state and government discussed climate and energy targets for 2030 for the first time at a summit in Brussels today. The options they are considering put dirty industry interests ahead of citizens and the planet and will not bring about the transition to the clean energy system urgently needed, reacted Friends of the Earth Europe.

20 March 2014

Europe's plans for how to meet its energy needs in the next decade and beyond are dirty and dangerous, and serve big business profits more than ordinary people, campaigners are warning today.

A two day summit in Brussels today and tomorrow is the first time the European Union's 28 heads of state and government will discuss the '2030 package' of plans to tackle climate change and meet energy needs.

14 February 2014

All across Europe a patchwork of community and citizen run renewable energy projects have sprung up, putting people at the heart of the renewable energy production in many parts of the continent. These projects are as diverse as the communities themselves and they range from large wind developments in Denmark to solar arrays on a university roof in Spain.

22 January 2014

EU plans to tackle climate change by the year 2030, announced in Brussels today, have been heavily criticized by environment group Friends of the Earth Europe.

The policies proposed by the European Commission disregard climate science which makes it clear the need to drastically cut emissions to avoid catastrophic levels of global warming is getting more urgent all the time.

7 November 2013

More than 150 people formed the shape of a giant wind turbine in front of the European Parliament in Brussels today to call for more support for community renewable energy projects.

The colourful 'People's windmill' event aimed to send a message that citizen and community-controlled renewables should be at the centre of Europe's energy policy.

1 November 2013

You are invited to be part of the 'people's windmill' on this Thursday 7th November from 12:30-14:00 on the esplanade outside the European Parliament in Brussels.

We'll be working together to form a giant windmill image to show that people should be at the centre of renewable energy.

Clean, community-owned energy already exists and is a real solution to climate change. But it needs more momentum and political support. We'll be telling our decision-makers to put people and communities at the heart of a clean energy future.


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