18 September 2015

The European Union will go to the upcoming global climate talks with an inadequate offer which fails to give enough backing to citizen-controlled, renewable-powered energy, after ministers agreed a weak position in Brussels today.

19 March 2015

The 28 EU heads of state today backed a vision of Europe's energy future which will keep the continent dependent on fossil fuels.

European leaders' plans for an 'Energy Union' strategy were strongly criticised by Friends of the Earth Europe for the decision to emphasise new gas supplies, instead of prioritising energy efficiency and renewables to cut emissions and energy imports.

25 February 2015

Major announcements made in Brussels today suggest Europe is holding back from the urgent action needed to transform its energy system and combat climate change.

The European Commission released details of its 'Energy Union' vision for Europe's energy future, and its proposed preparations for a key global climate summit in Paris later this year. 

5 December 2014

The United Nations climate talks happening in Lima, Peru are already at the mid-way point. It is the fifth day of this year’s global conference which aims to bring the world closer to a fair, adequate solution to the climate crisis.

24 October 2014

European governments are tonight claiming to have agreed ambitious action to cut greenhouse gas emissions, boost renewables and reduce energy use by 2030.

But the targets set by the EU's 28 heads of state are far below what is necessary and what could be done by Europe to combat climate change, according to Friends of the Earth Europe.

The deal commits the EU to cut emissions by at least 40%, provide at least 27% of the EU's energy from renewable sources, and reduce energy consumption by at least 27%.

23 October 2014

Europe's climate and energy plans benefit polluters, not people, Friends of the Earth Europe is warning as European leaders meet in Brussels.

The European Union's 28 heads of state and government are meeting today and tomorrow to strike a deal on climate and energy targets for 2030.

Friends of the Earth Europe, Oxfam, Climate Action Network Europe, and the European Environmental Bureau were outside the summit to protest the lack of action being proposed to move Europe away from fossil fuels.

10 October 2014

Europe's burgeoning movement of communities who own and are active in running renewable energy resources is gaining power, a conference in Brussels heard this week.

The event – 'Community energy across Europe – making it happen' – brought together energy cooperative members, politicians, policy makers, renewable energy industry representatives and climate change campaigners to take stock of their success to date and plan for the future.

11 September 2014

The line-up of new European Commissioners nominated to be the European Union's most senior civil servants for the next five years was announced yesterday.

24 June 2014

With EU Sustainable Energy Week running from today until until Friday 27th June, Friends of the Earth Europe has gathered examples of community energy initiatives across Europe to highlight the benefits these projects can bring to individuals, communities, and the planet.

27 May 2014

Today in Brussels, Friends of the Earth Europe brought together energy experts and community leaders to discuss the future of community-run renewable power in Europe.

Panelists at the conference included a representative from the EU Energy department, energy policy analysts, and individuals who had set up community-led renewables projects in their own countries.


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