15 December 2020

Vested gas interests and fossil hydrogen are winners from energy infrastructure proposal

The European Commission has thrown open the door to new subsidies to gas companies in new proposals to revise the rules governing energy infrastructure investments.

11 December 2020

EU heads of government have this morning reached an agreement for a new 2030 EU target to cut carbon emissions by at least 55%.

Colin Roche, climate justice coordinator for Friends of the Earth Europe had this to say:

11 December 2020

Substantial support for fossil hydrogen will worsen global warming warns Friends of the Earth

The European Commission is set to propose to continue EU support and subsidies for fossil fuel infrastructure when it unveils a new framework for future energy investment next week.

3 December 2020

NGOs issue complaint to EU Commission over maladministration 

NGOs are accusing the European Commission of maladministration over the appointment of Ms. Nathalie Tocci, a director an Italian oil and gas major, as advisor on EU foreign policy. The conflict of interest involves Ms. Tocci’s dual role as a special advisor to EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, and her role sitting on the board of one of Europe’s largest fossil fuel companies, Eni.

10 November 2020

Blog by Molly Walsh, Friends of the Earth Europe's community energy campaigner, and a co-author of our new handbook Community Energy: A practical guide to reclaiming power.

To change our energy system we need everyone

We are facing a convergence of crises. All seem interconnected. From our climate to our health, economy, society, and democracy.

7 November 2020

Joe Biden has defeated Trump in the U.S. election, offering potential hope for people and the planet. 

Jagoda Munić, director of Friends of the Earth Europe, reacted with the following statement:

“Biden’s narrow victory offers a glimmer of hope for people and the planet.

3 November 2020

Friends of the Earth France are celebrating a major campaign victory today for their anti-fracking campaign. Multinational French energy utility Engie has reportedly dropped a massive deal to import fracked gas from the U.S.A., citing environmental concerns over U.S. fracked gas. 

2 November 2020

Friends of the Earth Austria/GLOBAL 2000 have filed an EU complaint against their government today for an inadequate and illegal plan on building renovations and energy efficiency. Austria’s long-term renovation strategy is inadequate, harms energy poverty and carbon reduction efforts, says the group.

EU minimum standards for buildings must also apply in Austria so that energy efficient renovation and climate-friendly buildings can create thousands of jobs.

30 October 2020

Inspirational stories and useful tips show what can be done

Community energy is key to action on the climate crisis, boosting local economies, and reinvigorating communities. It has been at the forefront of spurring the transformation to 100% renewable energy. And it’s a growing movement across Europe.

But how can communities and municipalities actually begin to generate and sell their own renewable energy?

A new, beautiful step-by-step handbook takes lessons from 27 inspirational success stories around Europe to walk you through it.

14 October 2020

‘Flagship’ EU plans to kickstart large-scale building renovations and energy poverty action, unveiled today by the European Commission, are a step in the right direction, says Friends of the Earth Europe.


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