Toxic sludge disaster in Hungary - a statement from Friends of the Earth Europe

7 October 2010

Friends of the Earth Europe sends it condolences to the families of the people who have lost their lives this week in the toxic sludge leak in Hungary. Our thoughts are with the thousands who are suffering from this environmental disaster.

Far too often we see environmental disasters of this kind yet we continue to see corporate opposition to strong environmental, health and safety regulations at a national, European and international level. Corporations say the costs are too high, but the real cost of weak regulation is clear for all to see.

Friends of the Earth Hungary/Magyar Termeszetvedok Szovetsege (MTVSZ) is present in the area and actively assessing and monitoring the situation as the gravity of it unfolds. The priorities must be to safeguard people's health and protect the repair the local environment. In the longer term environmental protection measures must be strengthened to prevent future disasters.

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