The European Elections 2019

From 23 to 26 May 2019, EU citizens vote for the next European Parliament. It’s the moment to make your voice heard!

By voting in the European elections, people living in the EU get to choose the 705 members that will represent them in the European Parliament until 2024.

How the elections work

On this website, you will find information on how to vote, registration deadlines, news and results of the European elections 2019.

For a comprehensive view of the voting rules, check out this infographic.

To find out the election results in all EU countries and the composition of the new Parliament, check out the results website on election night. You can also find data on previous elections.

Why vote?

The upcoming elections are a chance to send a loud message that equality, solidarity, democracy, care for our environment and future generations, and social, environmental and economic justice should be at the heart of how we live. This means saying clearly that Europe needs a radical change of direction. That people and planet – not profits of big business – should come first.

Across Europe Friends of the Earth members are organising debates, street exhibitions and other events ahead of the elections, bringing people together to discuss their visions for a kinder, greener, fairer Europe, and spreading the message “Vote!”

(Friends of the Earth Europe director Jagoda Munić in this article)

Voting in the European elections means having a say on the direction the EU takes for the next five years in areas such as international trade, fighting climate change, protecting nature and human rights. MEPs not only shape new legislation, but also scrutinise other EU institutions.

Here you can see what the EU already does for you.

The European Mix

We all have different reasons to vote - different ingredients are what make Europe taste better.
Some of our key ingredients are: democracy, equality, climate action, and a good measure of hope and care. What are yours?

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