MEPs should reject misguided “One in, one out principle”

16 September 2019

Friends of the Earth Europe, with its partners in the Green 10, has today expressed its deep concern regarding the introduction of a "One in, one out" principle for new legislation, as planned by European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen.

The proposed principle calls for any new initiative that creates a burden on businesses to be compensated by relieving an equivalent existing burden in the same policy area.

The group has urged the European Parliament to strongly oppose the "One in, one out" mechanism for new initiatives as this could create a chilling effect leading to further harm the climate and the environment, as well as create greater division in society and undermine Europeans' wellbeing.

"This notion is inherently incompatible with the increased climate and environmental ambition set out by the Commission President-elect and risks undermining the potential benefits of new initiatives under the European Green Deal.

"Europe has some of the world's most ambitious and successful environmental, health and social standards, which are essential to protecting people and planet. These laws tackle urgent issues such as addressing the climate crisis, reducing inequality and discrimination, improving people's health, ensuring good-quality jobs and safe working conditions, and preserving the environment and nature. The "One in, one out" principle would force policy-makers to identify measures to be scrapped, which will lead to an arbitrary cut in regulations and a slow-down –or even reverse –of progress in exactly those areas in which increased ambition is desperately needed," the letter states.

The Green 10 is ten of the largest environmental organisations and networks working together at the European level and representing over 54 million citizens across Europe.